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Value-Based Healthcare Will Drive Digital Data

Value-based healthcare presents a fantastic opportunity for straightforward customer engagement to be adopted by payers. This approach permits payers to engage customers and help make better healthcare decisions. The objective is familiar, like other industries: to assure that customers receive an experience that is both optimum and streamlined. This objective, though, depends on good data.

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Value-Based Payments Are Poised to Make a Major Splash

President Joe Biden has big plans regarding healthcare, beginning with tackling the pandemic. Yet, he has already confirmed that he plans to address Medicare and Medicaid eligibility, unforeseen billing, medication prices, value-based healthcare, and more while is in office. The rest of the work will be done by the HHS and CMS rules, which ensures

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The Future of Value-Based Care and Digital Health

Digital health will set an exciting precedent for a new era of value-based medicine, one that reflects even more intensely on day-to-day treatment beyond the doctor's office and beyond the hospital, whether it’s embraced in value-based payment models. One or two regular appointments may not offer the most optimal value-based treatment to a general healthcare

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CMS Tweaks Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rates

After a COVID-19 stabilization bill eased budget neutrality cuts finalized in a December regulation, CMS has revised 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rates. A 3.75 percent raise in Medical Fee Schedule payments for all facilities in 2021 was implemented by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, passed by Congress last month, to assist doctors and other

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Healthcare Revenue Sees Time-Driven Gains

Time-driven costing is a strategy in healthcare that calculates the expense of treatments expended as a patient moves across the various stages of treatment. The strategy has generated momentum among hospital leaders, especially in the face of new value-based reimbursement structures, in addition to the need to handle increasing costs and limited resources, like nurses

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Better Connections May Be the Future of Healthcare

COVID-19 made an already overwhelming healthcare system even harder to manage for patients and caregivers alike. When we want the industry to return stronger, how will healthcare continue? To have a truly thriving healthcare environment, we have to increase the number of connections among participants. The relations between doctors and patients, practices and payers, primary

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