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Better Mental Healthcare May Be a Value-Based Approach Away

Caring for seniors includes concentrating on both their physical and emotional health. The mental health of older patients is, unfortunately, poorly examined and treated. There are several barriers to recovery, including the stigma associated with mental conditions that may prevent individuals from seeking the help they may need. At least one mental health disorder is

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Wearable Device Can Monitor Blood Pressure and Much More

Engineers at the University of California San Diego recently unveiled a skin patch capable of tracking blood pressure and pulse rate while also measuring the glucose, lactate, alcohol, or caffeine levels of the patient. The unit is the first device capable of tracking cardiovascular impulses simultaneously as various biochemical levels in the body. The researchers

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CMS Voluntary Payment Model May Make a Debut in Miami

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) announced a suggested voluntary financing plan aimed at expanding care across entire geographic areas, in late 2020. The Geographical Direct Contracting Model is a test to determine whether direct contracting organizations can maximize the productivity of recipients and minimize costs. Providers can enter into value-based care payment

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Chronic Care Patient Engagement May Be Lagging

The COVID-19 pandemic is impeding patient involvement activities among all categories of patients, according to a recent report. Both preventive and chronic care demographics are less involved in care, the study found. Multiple provider organizations used patient involvement techniques to better coordinate treatment, evaluate health outcomes, and spur patient education before coronavirus became a pandemic.

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