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Ways to Monitor Blood Sugar Over the Holidays

Monitoring blood sugar is important during the holidays if you have diabetes. It can be hard to keep your levels steady with an overload of sweet treats and rich dishes. However, having a strategy in place can help you enjoy a Christmas cookie or two while still making the best choices for your health.  

Chronological Aging vs. Biological Aging

If someone were to ask you how old you are, you would probably answer with the number of years that have happened since you were born. This would be considered your chronological age, but you may not feel that way. That could be because your biological age differs from the chronological age.   Biological age

How to Shake the Holiday Stress and Get Better Sleep

The holidays are full of great memories, good food, and lots of exciting events. However, they can also be quite stressful and may even disrupt your sleep. When the stress hormone cortisol levels in the body increase, sleep quality decreases. Fewer Americans are getting the recommended amount of sleep every night, and as we are

Cold Weather and the Immune System: Is There a Link?

For decades, you have probably heard not to sit out in the cold for too long unless you want a cold. While cold weather itself cannot directly make you sick, viruses spread much faster in colder weather. Exposure to winter’s cold and dry air can have an impact on your immune system.   If you