Founded in 2020 by veteran health care leaders, NeighborMD seeks to provide the best possible care to every patient we meet. Our team has a proven track record of success and believes whole-heartedly in the value of community-based primary care. We combine robust technology that delivers high-quality results and outcomes with the power of patient-first connections. NeighborMD has partnered with industry-leading, value-based insurance providers that believe in primary care innovation. When you choose NeighborMD, you are not just choosing primary health care services; you are choosing a team of passionate doctors, neighbors, and friends who want to see your health improve just as much as you do. Our patient engagement tools and technology are the future of employer-based programs.

NeighborMD currently serves patients in our locations across Florida and Georgia. As we continue to grow, we pursue opportunities presented by the government for Medicare Advantage and State and Federal Exchange programs.

Our Values

Patient Promise