COVID-19 made an already overwhelming healthcare system even harder to manage for patients and caregivers alike. When we want the industry to return stronger, how will healthcare continue?

To have a truly thriving healthcare environment, we have to increase the number of connections among participants. The relations between doctors and patients, practices and payers, primary care and specialty care, acute care, outpatient care, and so much more are the driving force of a flourishing society. That’s why promoting the process of getting in new participants is so critical.

By assuring that everyone has admittance to the same information and services at the same time and place, a more densely connected atmosphere reduces confusion in delivering healthcare to patients as well as caregivers. To assure that patients are partnered with the best provider for their particular conditions, we should use all the experience of a connected ecosystem within the healthcare industry. This will give a particular patient a more clear view of the accessibility and consistency of physicians.

A tightly connected ecosystem is a requirement for the skills needed to drive value-based treatment: holistic views of patient care experiences, insight into utilization patterns, and coordination between distributed care teams, to highlight a few. Technologies such as telehealth promote stronger relations among care team members regardless of location and add critical flexibility to the delivery of care, contributing directly to feasible economics.

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