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Medical Management Services Through NeighborMD

We’re here to help. Founded in 2020 by veteran health care leaders, our innovative model in primary care services integrated with robust technology delivers high-quality care. Our healthcare solutions and engagement tools may just be the future of healthcare your employer-based program is looking for. We’ve partnered with innovative insurance providers to give you the

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Take Care of Your Lungs

Along with organs like the heart, the lungs never take a day off. Every single day of the year and every single second of the day, the lungs are pumping air in and out of the body to ensure you’re getting the oxygen necessary to live. With that in mind, keeping them in good health

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Start Working on Better Gut Health

A healthy gut contributes to your overall health, from head to toe. In the gut, a host of bacteria and microbes dwell and, despite them sounding unpleasant, these microbes and bacteria can help you provided you’re taking care of your gut. For starters, practice stress management. It’s a process that few would disagree is easier

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Video Healthcare May Be Here to Stay

Video encounters between patients and medical practitioners, which were once rare, have become necessary during the pandemic. Furthermore, those in medicine are continually working to provide clinical knowledge to patients and staff most accurately and productively possible. This is gradually requiring the use of video. The majority of participating family doctors concluded that video visits

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The Value-Based Health Digitization Connection

The world’s healthcare system faced the daunting task of delivering more cost-effective primary care services to an aging population while still being subjected to the highest scrutiny and expectations from people as a result of the pandemic. The COVID-19 outbreak raised strategic concerns about healthcare's long-term viability and digital transformation. In healthcare, value is characterized as the

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Many Americans Don’t Understand Their Healthcare Coverage

As senior citizens receiving primary care services consider their Medicare Advantage enrollment opportunities and the applications, it’s worth exploring and evaluating just how much of an understanding they may have regarding such plans. According to a new poll, a significant number of Americans are unaware of their healthcare coverage. Last month, completed an online

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Better Mental Healthcare May Be a Value-Based Approach Away

Caring for seniors includes concentrating on both their physical and emotional health. The mental health of older patients is, unfortunately, poorly examined and treated. There are several barriers to recovery, including the stigma associated with mental conditions that may prevent individuals from seeking the help they may need. At least one mental health disorder is

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The Future of Value-Based Care and Digital Health

Digital health will set an exciting precedent for a new era of value-based medicine, one that reflects even more intensely on day-to-day treatment beyond the doctor's office and beyond the hospital, whether it’s embraced in value-based payment models. One or two regular appointments may not offer the most optimal value-based treatment to a general healthcare

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CMS Tweaks Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rates

After a COVID-19 stabilization bill eased budget neutrality cuts finalized in a December regulation, CMS has revised 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rates. A 3.75 percent raise in Medical Fee Schedule payments for all facilities in 2021 was implemented by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, passed by Congress last month, to assist doctors and other

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Better Connections May Be the Future of Healthcare

COVID-19 made an already overwhelming healthcare system even harder to manage for patients and caregivers alike. When we want the industry to return stronger, how will healthcare continue? To have a truly thriving healthcare environment, we have to increase the number of connections among participants. The relations between doctors and patients, practices and payers, primary

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