With the upcoming introduction of the Primary Care First (PCF) model, Humana has recently announced an extension of its value-based program repertoire. The program will increase the provision of organized primary care for participants of some Humana Medicare Advantage programs and seeks to better the quality of care and patient outcomes, decrease care costs, and alleviate primary care groups’ financial burden.

The PCF model was developed at the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Innovation Center to enable primary care practitioners to move to value-based care and to assess whether this current payment model in Original Medicare can increase efficiency and decrease costs. As a recently accepted CMS payer affiliate and the first insurer in the nation to provide its version of the PCF model, Humana will offer a kindred model for the Humana Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization and Health Maintenance Company policies to qualified primary care agencies already in the network.

The launch of the Humana PCF model is planned for July 1, 2021. Every month, participants will be given a prospective capitated bonus, which takes into account the accomplishment of indicators based on consistency and performance.

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