NeighborMD was founded in 2020 by veteran healthcare leaders and seeks to provide top-notch care to all of our patients. With a track record of success, innovative technology, and wholehearted belief in the value of community in primary care services, we can make connections that have a lasting impact. Choosing NeighborMD means you are choosing the most passionate doctors, neighbors, and friends around. We currently serve nearly 300,000 patients in locations across Florida in Georgia, and as we grow, we pursue opportunities from the government for Medicare Advantage and State and Federal Exchanges programs.


Our clinical innovations meet patients where they are the most comfortable. You can meet with your personal care team with telehealth visits, as well as in-person for laboratory needs, infusion, and ultrasound services. Partnering with innovative insurance companies allows us to provide convenient value-based solutions at a fraction of the price. You will also get a personal care team, fully equipped with a health coach and primary care physician, giving you all the tools necessary to manage your health concerns and chronic conditions.


We have access to case management programs for ICUs and critically ill patients to coordinate their critical care needs. NeighborMD’s Chronic Care Management programs focus on patients and streamline the process, making way for simpler healthcare.


MSO services through NeighborMD provide contracting, coding, quality, and medical management ent services for practices in our area. Our MSO services place patient needs, the work of our physicians, nurse practitioners, health coaches, and care coordinators at the forefront of everything we do, making for a smooth and efficient system.


We manage population health through constructive relationships with patients, their families, and their community. Addressing social determinants of health provides a more accessible health care environment.


Your team will help you manage your healthcare journey through the use of electronic health care records. They will update your information in real-time, allowing you to have a higher level of care for all your medical needs.