Antonio Jefferson

Antonio Jefferson has been Licensed to provide both Life Insurance and Disability Health Insurance since 2005. 

Prior to coming on board with Neighbor MD, he served as Field Sales Agent with Molina Healthcare in Metro Detroit, since December of 2018.  There he served the needs of the public effectively adding to the branding and popularity of Molina Healthcare throughout Southeastern, MI and providing Molina Healthcare’s Medicare Advantage Complete Care plan for 2020-2021.   

Mr. Jefferson comes with many years of experience in the Medicare Advantage and Life and Health Insurance industry.  He enjoys building long lasting relationships within the community and being that go to person during the most critical times in a person’s life. 

Being a family man is what brought him to the Great State of Georgia most recently.  His wife Mablene Jefferson is an original Georgia Peach who was born and raised here in the city of Atlanta.  Antonio and his wife continue to enjoy strong family ties while serving both professionally and personally.   

Antonio has a passion for the Arts both Fine Art as well as Theatrical.  His favorite artist of old is Picasso as well as a contemporary artist Mersad Berber.  He loves the vibrant colors that as he say’s “Pops!”  He also enjoys sci fi and he is indeed an unabashed Trekke! 

When presented with the opportunity to work with his colleague’s at NeighborMd, Antonio saw it as a unique challenge to utilize his talents for the Greater Good.   By being a part of a team whose mission is to provide compassionate Healthcare that is both effective and progressive, Antonio has the best of both worlds.  His philosophy is simple, “Do Great Things for Great People,”  and he realizes that no one cares about how much you know until they know how much you care.  Antonio, cares!

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