Clinical Innovations

NeighborMD provides primary care services for patients in the setting of their choice. Telehealth visits with your personal care team are available to our patients. You can meet with your personal care team in person for laboratory needs and in some locations, we provide infusion and ultrasound services.

Value-Based Solutions

NeighborMD has partnered with innovative insurance companies that give you affordable convenient access to primary care services.

Utilization Management

NeighborMd will coordinate your care if you have a critical care need or hospitalization. We have access to case management programs for ICU and critically ill patients. Our Chronic Care Management programs are designed to be patient centric and easy to use. Our personal care team is led by your Health Coach and your Primary Care Physician providing you all of the tools necessary to manage your chronic conditions.

Population Health

NeighborMD highlights the importance of addressing the social determinants of health to create social and physical environments that create good health for all. NeighborMD has programs and policies that affect the health of individuals, families, and communities. Working with our patients and providers on common goals and building constructive relationships to maximize the opportunities for collaboration.


NeighborMD utilizes a electronic health record that manages and continuously compiles information and measures your health experience. Your personal care team continuously updates your information that leads to high levels of care and compliance of your medical needs. 

MSO Services

NeighborMD Management provides contracting, coding, quality and medical management services for practices in our markets of Florida and Georgia.

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