Summer is coming up, and with it, much warmer weather. Exercising outside becomes more difficult in these months – your body is working much harder to exert energy. Even if you enjoy the outdoors in the summer, it can still be overwhelming.

Many people enjoy activities like swimming, biking, and playing catch outside with family and friends. If you enjoy being outdoors, keep these few tips in mind as it gets warmer.

Avoid exercise between noon and 3 pm, when the day is at its hottest. Instead, try to work out in the early morning when temperatures have not yet risen, or late evening when they have had the opportunity to fall.

Drink plenty of water. This is perhaps the most important tip. Your body thrives off water consumption in general, and even more so when it is hot outside. Drink water before, during, and after any physical movement and exercise outdoors. Even if you do not feel thirsty right away, you will need it.

Make sure you wear lightweight and loose-fitting clothes when you are outside, especially if their materials are moisture-wicking. Look for clothes made of polyester, and try to avoid cotton as it does not absorb much moisture. Always wear sunglasses, a hat to keep the sun out of your face, and reapply sunscreen as often as needed (sweat-resistant sunscreens will be your best bet when exercising outside).

Stay safe and monitor your body if you are outside moving around. Take frequent breaks and allow yourself time to adapt to the heat. If you have any concerns about the upcoming warmer weather and what it means for your exercise regime, please contact your doctor to ensure you are safe as tailored to your specific needs.

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