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Healthcare Revenue Sees Time-Driven Gains

Time-driven costing is a strategy in healthcare that calculates the expense of treatments expended as a patient moves across the various stages of treatment. The strategy has generated momentum among hospital leaders, especially in the face of new value-based reimbursement structures, in addition to the need to handle increasing costs and limited resources, like nurses

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Better Connections May Be the Future of Healthcare

COVID-19 made an already overwhelming healthcare system even harder to manage for patients and caregivers alike. When we want the industry to return stronger, how will healthcare continue? To have a truly thriving healthcare environment, we have to increase the number of connections among participants. The relations between doctors and patients, practices and payers, primary

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CMS Unveils Finalized Stark Rule for Value-Based Care

Last week the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) issued regulations to eliminate some hurdles under the "Stark" Physician Self-Referral law to the introduction of physician fee agreements using value-based payment arrangements. The updated rules are the first significant revisions in two years to the regulations and the first effort by CMS to amend

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Value-Based Care Gamble Yields Positive Results

With the domestic health insurer earning $600 million+ in additional revenue, leading to a third-quarter profit of $1.3 billion, Humana is enjoying the benefits of its decision to bet on value-based primary care. The venture of Humana into improved primary care comes during a time when healthcare costs are rising, and insurers are looking for

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