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Cold Weather and the Immune System: Is There a Link?

For decades, you have probably heard not to sit out in the cold for too long unless you want a cold. While cold weather itself cannot directly make you sick, viruses spread much faster in colder weather. Exposure to winter’s cold and dry air can have an impact on your immune system.   If you

How to Get the Medicare Coverage That You Need

Medicare can be a great resource for helping those manage their chronic conditions and illnesses. However, with open enrollment right around the corner (October 15 to December 7), you should check in on your overall coverage to ensure you get the benefits you need.   David Lipschutz, the Associate Director for the Center for Medicare

1 in 5 Adults Have Mental Illness

Mental health is something that adults have been facing for decades, but with a pandemic, that struggle is only heightened. According to the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, 1 in 5 adults now has a mental illness.   Many have faced isolation, grief, and other health concerns for themselves and their loved ones