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Could Alzheimer’s and Hip Fractures Be Connected?

Alzheimer's is difficult to detect early, but changes can occur in the brain even years before symptoms show. Most seniors hospitalized for hip fractures showed signs of developing Alzheimer's. Johns Hopkins Medicine in Baltimore conducted a study where the spinal fluid of 168 patients that were hospitalized for hip fractures was examined, and it was

Fall Prevention in Senior Adults

Falls are not a normal part of aging. They are detrimental to the health of older adults and, in some cases, can cause debilitating injuries, causing seniors to lose their sense of independence. However, falls are preventable, and there are a few steps seniors, and their loved ones can take to help prevent them. For

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Sleep Disorders Could Raise Risk of Heart Attacks

Stress from work, poor sleep, and sleeping disorders are increasingly more common and may increase the chances of heart attacks and strokes. Oftentimes, environmental factors like poor diet, smoking, and high cholesterol play a big part in the risk, but now it seems that more than ever people are experiencing this risk as a result

High Blood Pressure – What You Need to Know

Hypertension, or more commonly known as high blood pressure, happens when the blood pressure in your body increases to unhealthy levels. Blood pressure measurements factor in how much of your blood passes through blood vessels and the amount of resistance it is met with while the heart is pumping.   When arteries are narrow, resistance

Forming Healthy Habits for Disease Prevention

Staying healthy can mean different things for different people. For some, it is a matter of diet and exercise alone. For others, it means sticking close to a specified medicine regime prescribed by a doctor. Lifestyle can be a key determinant in the risk for certain diseases like heart disease and cancer. Forming healthy habits

How You Can Prepare for Cold and Flu Season

Cold and flu season typically begins in the fall and can sneak up on you quickly, therefore it is key to practice good hygiene and cleaning habits to lower the risk of getting sick. With COVID-19 looming as well, keeping you and your home clean and healthy might not be such a bad idea.  

MSO Services With NeighborMD

NeighborMD was founded in 2020 by veteran healthcare leaders and seeks to provide top-notch care to all of our patients. With a track record of success, innovative technology, and wholehearted belief in the value of community in primary care services, we can make connections that have a lasting impact. Choosing NeighborMD means you are choosing

3 Vitamins to Boost Your Immune System

Eating foods rich in vitamins and minerals is a great way to boost your body's immune system. Getting the proper intake of the vitamins and minerals your body needs gives it the strength it needs to fight off toxins and illnesses, whether that is a chronic condition or a viral infection like the common cold.