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The Future of Value-Based Care and Digital Health

Digital health will set an exciting precedent for a new era of value-based medicine, one that reflects even more intensely on day-to-day treatment beyond the doctor's office and beyond the hospital, whether it’s embraced in value-based payment models. One or two regular appointments may not offer the most optimal value-based treatment to a general healthcare

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CMS Tweaks Medicare Physician Fee Schedule Rates

After a COVID-19 stabilization bill eased budget neutrality cuts finalized in a December regulation, CMS has revised 2021 Medicare Physician Fee Schedule rates. A 3.75 percent raise in Medical Fee Schedule payments for all facilities in 2021 was implemented by the Consolidated Appropriations Act, 2021, passed by Congress last month, to assist doctors and other

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New Bill Seeks Greater Audio-Only Telehealth Call Coverage

A new bill intends to expand the availability of telehealth coverage through Medicare for telephone calls exclusively including audio. The Permanency for Audio-Only Telehealth Act will see treatment facilities using audio-only devices for diagnosis and management activities, as well as psychiatric and behavioral health services with reimbursement provided by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid

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Value-Based Direct Contracting Model Unveiled by CMS

A proposed direct contracting model for CMS will explore whether a geographic approach to value-based treatment would improve the standard of care while minimizing costs for Medicaid patients in a single location. In a recent statement, CMS explained that the Geographic Direct Contracting Model is an option for healthcare providers and other organizations in the

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Healthcare Solutions by NeighborMD

At NeighborMD, we’re proud of our extensive array of cutting-edge solutions we offer our clients. These include value-based solutions, utilization management, population health, and more. We provide patients with primary care facilities in the environment of their choosing. Telehealth visits to our patients with your care team are also an option. You should consult in

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Humana Set to Debut New Value-Based Care Model

With the upcoming introduction of the Primary Care First (PCF) model, Humana has recently announced an extension of its value-based program repertoire. The program will increase the provision of organized primary care for participants of some Humana Medicare Advantage programs and seeks to better the quality of care and patient outcomes, decrease care costs, and

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Value-Based Treatment Is Highly Reliant on Provider and Payer Collaboration

The value philosophy is evolving, along with the abilities required to promote the transition to value-based care. Payers and providers, from the Triple Aim to the cost versus efficiency measure to the proper place-right time-right care model, have struggled to identify a unified sense of value. Because of this, several discussions over value-based treatment between

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