Digital health will set an exciting precedent for a new era of value-based medicine, one that reflects even more intensely on day-to-day treatment beyond the doctor’s office and beyond the hospital, whether it’s embraced in value-based payment models.

One or two regular appointments may not offer the most optimal value-based treatment to a general healthcare practitioner. We need ongoing models of treatment that work into the framework of the everyday life, community, and economic conditions of each individual. The pandemic showed us just how important it is during doctor visits to provide safe, consistent access to treatment. We touched the surface of this component of treatment as an enterprise through telephone disease control and team-based coordinated care. The resources needed to provide day-to-day health support have been lacking from value-based services.

Here is an example: a diabetic woman prefers to engage with a dietitian in video sessions. She opens up to the idea of seeing a psychiatrist in parallel as she builds trust. The psychiatrist and dietitian collaborate on her treatment plan digitally together. The requisite self-motivation is elicited by her care staff, and her dedication goes far beyond her sessions. She watches curated video health lessons for months, records hundreds of biometrics from linked devices, and, with the aid of social groups, controls her carb intake. Her A1C decreases by 1.5 points over three months, she loses weight, and dramatically lowers her depression.

Whether shared savings, bundled payments, or full risk, consumer engagement should take center stage in value-based arrangements. The next chapter of value-based care should measure engagement like our lives depend on it. We should include the full scope of human and digital activity together, both synchronous and asynchronous.

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