Thanksgiving is fast approaching, and while it is a holiday where we can indulge in rich, homemade food, for some with health conditions such as diabetes, it is important to keep watch over Thanksgiving day habits. There is nothing wrong with eating those carb-dense and sugary foods, but a little moderation can go a long way.


If you have questions about your specific health concerns and Thanksgiving, consult your primary care services provider before Thanksgiving Day.


First, do not skip breakfast and lunch on Thanksgiving day. Doing so will wreak havoc on your blood sugar once you eat that big meal. Eat a protein and fiber-dense meal to help you stabilize your blood sugar and help you not go overboard on dinner.


Drinking plenty of water will also control your appetite and digest your food.


An obvious but often overlooked tip is to stop eating once you are full. It can be difficult when there are mountains of delicious foods in front of you, but to have a Thanksgiving dinner that won’t make you feel miserably full after, pace yourself. If your body says you are full, then you are full! If you cannot bear to part ways with your favorite dishes, ask if you can take home some leftovers and enjoy them the next day. You do not have to deprive yourself of pie either. Most Thanksgiving dishes are okay to eat in moderation. Just remember, once again, not to overdo it.


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