Value-based healthcare presents a fantastic opportunity for straightforward customer engagement to be adopted by payers. This approach permits payers to engage customers and help make better healthcare decisions. The objective is familiar, like other industries: to assure that customers receive an experience that is both optimum and streamlined. This objective, though, depends on good data.

Payers, unfortunately, are still far from accomplishing this goal. Payer organizations continue to focus to a great extent on paper-driven practices, and for a significant percentage of processes, paper is still the primary medium when reports are necessary. Despite payers accumulating a vast amount of information, easier, automatic data collection and management can be made much easier were it not confined entirely to paper. Knowledge based on paper makes it more difficult to extract information from practical analytics.

The first challenge for any payer undertaking a digital data approach is to get the paper-based data together in a structured, interactive way. Paper data can be scanned into a digital format. Raw data from paper has to be paired with inbound data from other disparate sources to create records unique to the customer. These records will provide a detailed view of the user’s journeys through all network touchpoints accessible on a consolidated platform in real-time. Furthermore, paper and digital data can act as complementary backups where and when the need arises.

By placing prognostic analytics and automated workflows in place, payers can speed up their operations efficiently while eliminating repetitive procedures. Customers don’t have to provide the same information many times, redundant data can be eliminated, and executives can easily identify prospects for growth. Digitized documents would also help payers limit the incorrect information and systemic inefficiencies of their organizations.

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