Video encounters between patients and medical practitioners, which were once rare, have become necessary during the pandemic. Furthermore, those in medicine are continually working to provide clinical knowledge to patients and staff most accurately and productively possible. This is gradually requiring the use of video.

The majority of participating family doctors concluded that video visits are a “healthy” alternative to face-to-face visits with patients, according to a report released by Michigan Medicine that looked at their encounters with telehealth during COVID-19.

In a second survey, U-M researchers observed that patients perceived tablet video processing of neonatal discharge orders to be superior to face-to-face instructions in a study involving first-time parents. The papers were published in the Family Medicine journal.

The National Quality Forum, a non-profit membership group headquartered in the United States that supports patient protections and healthcare quality through evaluation and public reporting, advises assessing physician expectations of video usage as a factor in measuring telehealth efficacy. Previous telehealth study has found high levels of patient satisfaction and expectations of comparable treatment. Visual visits have also been suggested as a method of preventing physician burnout.

Researchers used a custom-designed survey to assess doctors’ previous familiarity with video tours, satisfaction ratings, obstacles, and effects on tension, time, and documentation. The survey was completed by the majority of qualifying doctors (102 out of 109). Physicians reported strong levels of satisfaction with recordings, with almost fifty percent reporting they were “extremely pleased,” 43 percent saying they were “somewhat satisfied,” and the rest saying they were a successful substitute to face-to-face appointments.

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