Monitoring blood sugar is important during the holidays if you have diabetes. It can be hard to keep your levels steady with an overload of sweet treats and rich dishes. However, having a strategy in place can help you enjoy a Christmas cookie or two while still making the best choices for your health.


Plan ahead of the events you will be attending. Whether dining at a restaurant or a small gathering with family, ask what will be served, or look at the menu before you get there. It can help you stay mindful of what you will be eating and give you a chance to bring or order alternatives. Opt for lower-calorie and low sugar options, and be sure to drink plenty of water. Water can help prevent dehydration and assist the kidneys in flushing out excess sugar.


Don’t think about skipping meals either! Doing so can cause major spikes in your blood sugar. Even something light the morning of a holiday meal can help prevent this. Pack your day with healthy options to keep your blood sugar under control throughout the day.


If you are set on having dessert, plan for that as well. Be mindful of reducing your carbohydrate intake before dessert rolls around. Keep portion sizes small, and cut down extras like whipped cream and sprinkles.


NeighborMD, MSO services, hopes you and your loved ones have a happy holiday season! If you have questions about your health or managing your blood sugar during this season, please contact your primary care services provider.