Engineers at the University of California San Diego recently unveiled a skin patch capable of tracking blood pressure and pulse rate while also measuring the glucose, lactate, alcohol, or caffeine levels of the patient. The unit is the first device capable of tracking cardiovascular impulses simultaneously as various biochemical levels in the body.

The researchers note that the physiological state of the body can both dynamically and explicitly indicate heart rate and blood pressure and that the levels of biomarkers can aid with monitoring a patient’s health. For infants, a less invasive system such as a patch, they add, may be especially helpful.

With the device, multiple sensors can essentially be consolidated into a single device that’s roughly the size of a stamp. The device allows doctors to collect a wealth of vital information in a wearable that provides a noninvasive approach without causing discomfort.

It’s worth noting that the device remains a work in progress as it currently requires a power source plus a machine capable of displaying readings. However, the team is diligently hard at work at making it wireless.

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