Florida receives an annual budget of $101.5 billion from the federal government, and much of it goes towards health care programs. Currently, Florida estimates a $44 billion spend on healthcare annually. Recently, Florida lawmakers met and answered many questions from the Sunshine State’s residents about how healthcare funds would be spent.

There are a few major cuts due to federal influences. However, President Joe Biden’s administration has announced that Medicaid funding as a result of a declared federal public health emergency will be extended through July 20, 2021, allowing Florida to continue its access to extra Medicaid money.

House Speaker Chris Sprawls, Republican from Palm Harbor, announced that maternal healthcare is a priority. In March, he announced a plan for the extension of Medicaid eligibility for new moms from 60 days to one year. This is a large change as Medicaid currently covers nearly half of all births in Florida.

Florida is still fighting a large opioid addiction. The state budget has at least $131 million in funding in place for opioid outreach and treatment programs and millions more going to addiction treatment efforts. $90 million of this funding comes from a federal State Opioid Response Grant that allows treatments for users to get off of opioids.

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